Second Community Screening of Me, the Other

After receiving so much positive response from our initial screening of the feature documentary Me, the Other, a second screening was held on the night of October 15th, 2022, at the Ruiter home library.


Attendees to the second screening of Me, the Other

Nishat’s impression: “And what a night! This was our group who watched Me, The Other. The film was stunning and such a beautiful story about people who just want to belong and not be seen through their differences. We had a rich conversation after and discussed how so many more people should see this movie. (More to come on that front!) It was an honor hearing how the film was made from the Director. Can’t wait to see this again with a bigger audience! Also ps - every story resonated with each of us in different ways - and once again helping us see that we are so much more connected than we are different.

For the curious, there is some background of our first screening in 2021

About Me, The Other
English Feature Documentary (84 minutes) by director and co-producer Shidan Majidi.
Real stories of a diverse characters experiencing prejudice, with the intent to create conversations about what connects us and what keeps us apart. Available on Vimeo-on-demand. More info at