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HTPS Strategic Planning - Focus Group Invitation 2023

Focus Groups to be held on October 4th and 5th to develop the next five year strategic plan.

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Affiliated Event logoEd. NOTE: the window to apply and attend this effort has now closed.

"The Hillsborough Township Public Schools are engaging in the development of a new five year Strategic Plan. Strategic planning is the process of setting goals and creating a blueprint of a shared vision for an organization's future. One of our first steps will be to engage with a series of Focus Groups on October 4th and 5th.

We are hoping that you would consider being  a part of this opportunity!  (Note: Any Hillsborough community member may apply to be a focus group member. Ed.) The deadline to apply is September 18.

Right now, a specific schedule of times for October 4th and 5th has not yet been set. If you would be interested in participating in a Focus Group, please fill out the form below. Focus Groups will contain approximately 15-20 members.  

Please note, not everyone who fills out the form will be invited to a Focus Group due to limited capacity.


Report: Community Conversation 1/20/2023

cc_lights_489x489_circle.pngEducation Summary

The first town-wide One Hillsborough community conversation was held on 20th of January 2023 at the Hillsborough municipal building, in remembrance of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Listed below is the excerpt related to Education. The full report covering all topics and Post-It boards in pdf format is also  available for download.



Education topic Post-It boardGoing well


  • Support by teachers, not limited to the classroom Creative, involved teachers


  • Student activism
  • More interest in diversity overall


  • Some more diverse teachers
  • Lots of new books and stories reflecting diversity

Schools and Administration

  • Excellent administration and faculty
  • Food good in elementary school
  • More recognition and response to diversity

Needs improvement


  • Lack of diversity at all levels of hiring: “not able to attract” diverse candidates
  • Partisanship and political agendas undesirable in decision making process
  • Lack of transparency and openness to ideas
  • Lack of communication to families about curriculum and diversity


  • Teaching cultural topics from a more diverse perspective (e.g. US History)
  • Consider a more independent curriculum committee to approve curricula more reflective of diversity

Social environment

  • Not enough attention to mental health
  • Lack of students input on racism problem in schools
  • Student behavior in hallways and teasing/harassment toward other students
  • Support for “conservative” students


1. Have any books been banned in our district?
2. Has “CRT” been a contentious issue in our district?
3. Do special needs students have enough resources at the High School?

Full report

The Full report covering all topics and Post-It boards in pdf format is also available for download.



Save the Date: Night of Conversation 2023

Annually recurring event to promote mental wellness and provide tools for creating meaningful family dialogues. For 2023: to be held on March 30th at the Hillsborough Municipal Building from 6–8 p.m.

Night of Conversation 2023

Annually recurring event to promote mental wellness and provide tools for creating meaningful family dialogues.

To be held on Thursday March 30th, 2023 at the Hillsborough Municipal Building from 6–8 p.m.

Free and open to the public. Dinner provided!

BoroSafeThe event is hosted by, a community collaborative with an aim to provide access to mental health resources, emotional well-being best practices and suicide prevention resources across the entire Hillsborough Community. Our cause is to proactively connect the community with resources surrounding mental health for all community members. Ensuring the entire community is able to work on their emotional wellbeing, no matter where on the mental health continuum they may fall.

Sponsored by the Hillsborough Education Association and Hillsborough Township.

Poster for Night of Conversation 2023

Education resources

Education links to the Hillsborough school district and related organizations.
BoroSAFE (part of Hillsborough Township Public Schools)

A service by Hillsborough Township Public Schools to actively educate students about suicide-prevention in an age-appropriate manner. Clearly, the issue is broader than our schools: education and awareness to the community at large is essential.

Hillsborough Education Association

The Hillsborough Education Association is an all-inclusive association of professionals who work in the Hillsborough Township Public Schools.