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What is One Hillsborough?

One Hillsborough is a coalition of community groups, residents, students, likeminded organizations, and businesses who are committed to strengthening the social fabric: to foster goodwill, cooperation and understanding and contribute to the social and cultural diversity of our community.  We promote a society where everyone —regardless of age, race, ethnicity, age, gender, ability, religion, or political affiliation— has opportunity to interact, learn, strengthen and/or build new relationships and find a sense of belonging. Our guiding principles are:

  • respect, recognition, and reciprocity
  • equal rights
  • racial literacy
  • oneness of humanity (not othering)
  • spiritual reality
  • kindness, diversity, inclusion
  • broadening our social spaces
  • nonpartisan (no political endorsements)

As of 1/5/2023, One Hillsborough is a domestic non-profit corporation in accordance with New Jersey State Law, identification number 0450907343.

What are One Hillsborough’s Objectives?

  1. To promote social and cultural diversity by addressing bias based on age, race, ethnicity, age, gender, ability, religion, or political affiliation. In particular: to provide an informal mechanism to resolve unresolving complaints; to advocate for and with the under-represented and marginalized; and to support education about bias, othering, addressing racism, equity, diversity and inclusion through the use of workshops, presentations and events.
  2. To initiate and support constructive dialogue within the Township on equity, diversity and inclusion. In particular: to support education programs that foster open and effective dialogues about race relations; to promote and protect civil rights through community dialogues and/or collaboration with other organizations; and to explore spiritual connections across community the community, expanding education across different faiths.
  3. Advise the Hillsborough Township Committee, and/or Local Police and Municipal departments to ensure employees, residents and visitors of all backgrounds and circumstances are safe, welcome, and respected, and treated in an equitable manner. This includes initiating and improving programs to address tensions in the community; recommending policies, procedures and programs that will mitigate and eliminate all types of discrimination in Hillsborough.


Who does One Hillsborough collaborate with?

Affiliated EventOne Hillsborough partners and supports all forums and channels to facilitate access and opportunity for all, and particularly to those from underrepresented and unheard groups.

Our collaborations to date include:

  • Community Conversations
  • Hillsborough Township
  • Hillsborough Police Department
  • YMCA of Greater Somerset County
  • Hillsborough School District
  • Hillsborough Middle School
  • HHS Student Diversity Initiative
  • HHS Muslim Student Association
  • HHS Black Student Union
  • HHS TEDEd Club
  • Peer Mentors of Hillsborough High School
  • HMS Cares (club for an Anti-Racist and Equitable School)
  • Hillsborough Education Association
  • Allegra School of Music & Arts
  • Hillsborough Black Parents & Citizens Coalition
  • Hillsborough Municipal Alliance (combatting substance abuse)
  • BoroSafe (suicide-prevention)
  • Safe+Sound (to empower survivors of domestic abuse)
  • Our Revolution Hillsborough
  • In progress: Houses of Worship and faith groups.

What is social cohesion?

Social cohesion refers to the strength of relationships and the sense of solidarity among members of a community. A strong social fabric provides many opportunities to interact, learn, strengthen, and build new relationships and find a sense of belonging and support, regardless of age, race, ethnicity, age, gender, ability, religion, or political affiliation.

What is diversity, equity, and inclusion?

Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) is a conceptual framework that promotes the fair treatment and full participation of all people, especially in the workplace, including populations who have historically been under-represented or subject to discrimination because of their background, identity, disability, etc. Expanded abbreviations are also sometimes used to emphasize an additional element: DEIJ (DEI+Justice) and DEIB (DEI+Belonging).

What is Black Lives Matter?

Black Lives Matter is a decentralized political and social movement that seeks to highlight racism, discrimination, and racial inequality experienced by black people. Its primary concerns are incidents of police brutality and racially motivated violence against black people.

Is One Hillsborough only concerned with racism?

No. One Hillsborough is focused on our common thread of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging for all residents of Hillsborough, which includes many other current (January 2023) areas of interest:

  • racial literacy
  • improving our environment
  • roots of hillsborough
  • books, podcasts and shows we learn from
  • mental wellness
  • lgbtqia
  • spiritual wellness


Any more questions?

Please send to onehillsboroughnj@gmail.com so we can add it to this list!


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