Community Involvement

This section covers our engagement with community involvement and civic organizations. Please note additional resources (including media links) at the end of this page.

Report: Community Conversation 1/20/2023

cc_lights_489x489_circle.pngCommunity Involvement Summary

The first town-wide One Hillsborough community conversation was held on 20th of January 2023 at the Hillsborough municipal building, in remembrance of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Listed below is the excerpt related to Community Involvement. The full report covering all topics and Post-It boards in pdf format is also  available for download.



Community Involvement Post-It boardGoing well


  • Good kids
  • People care for one another and willing to make things better
  • Residents support each other in crisis
  • Community has become extremely diverse
  • DEI initiatives; the HHS Student Diversity Initiative
  • YMCA - more cool things than I realized


  • Appreciation for Community Calendar and Mayor’s Newsletter

Public involvement

  • Events like this One Hillsborough event

Roads and Transportation

  • Route 206 bypass

Needs improvement


  • Not enough public involvement/engagement with:
    • Mayor’s newsletter
    • Community calendar
    • Hillsborough Happenings
    • Faith based organizations’ events and calendars
  • Youth voice 
  • Facebook community forum drives severe mis-perception
  • No real local newspaper (Beacon or online news very spotty) like Montgomery
  • Neutral central online forum/bulletin-board for upcoming events and news. Maybe One Hillsborough?


  • People with color and other backgrounds in events and representation in committees etc.
  • Community event to celebrate Diwali
  • Less bias -- more acceptance

Social / mental health

  • Loneliness and lack of a third place to socialize (not work or home)
  • Attention / awareness of our spiritual nature
  • People might lack the language to talk about their struggle
  • Online forums too divisive
  • Support for domestic violence victims? Safe and Sound Rep: “the more we can get the community together, the more we can do and build trust”


  1. People are missing community, esp. the marginalized and under-represented. Who can improve this aside from individuals? 
  2. Could there be a real community center? Is the Y in this role?
  3. Do we need more services as the community is growing? Soup kitchen? Meals-on-wheels? Township has some of this.
  4. How do we get to our younger population?

Full report

The Full report covering all topics and Post-It boards in pdf format is also available for download.



Community resources

Links to community groups, civic organizations, and businesses who are in some way involved with supporting or strengthening our social fabric.
Café Brio

Synonyms of Brio - drive, liveliness, energy, spirit, oomph. Freshly ground coffee, crisp environment, artisanal treats, and handcrafted drinks served by this delightful team.

Hillsborough YMCA

Greater Somerset County YMCA is a nonprofit community benefit organization, rooted in Christian values and dedicated to helping all people grow in spirit, mind, and body.

Allegra School of Music and Arts

Allegra offers private instruction in piano, guitar, violin, voice, drums, trumpet, saxophone, and many more instruments. Workshops include acting troupe for children, teen acting troupe, rock band, and our renowned summer musical theater camps.

ATA Legacy Martial Arts

Martial arts school providing classes in Tae Kwondo and Krav Maga with strong focus on personal development, confidence, leadership, and fitness skills.

Stoutsburg Sourland African American Museum (SSAAM)

Located at the National Historic Register-listed Mt. Zion AME Church in Skillman, NJ, SSAAM is the only museum in central New Jersey telling the African American story from the trans-Atlantic slave trade to the present day.

Everyday Democracy

Everyday Democracy supports organizing across the country by bringing diverse groups of people together, helping them structure and facilitate community dialogue on pressing issues, and training them to use a racial equity lens to understand longstanding problems and possible solutions.

Article: A Nation of Weavers

NYT Article by David Brooks 2/18/2019 Title: A Nation of Weavers - The social renaissance is happening from the ground up.

Weavers (org)

Weave supports those who have found a more connected way to live. Weave explores what it means to weave in our schools, our workplaces and every other part of life. (from their website on 20200721)


Print and online news organizations.