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1. Mailing List

We announce events and any developments and progress on specific goals through our email list service. Expect about one or two emails a month (at most). This is a private service, and your email address is secure and can not be seen by anyone except our admins (to actually send this email).
You can subscribe to our mailing list here:


NOTE: To unsubscribe just click on the link at the end of any list email you receive.

2. Social Media

One Hillsborough supports events; both our own and those hosted by affiliated efforts. Our two social media accounts:

facebook One Hillsborough on facebook

instagram One Hillsborough on instagram


3. Email

You can email us directly at


4. Private Social Network

Note: We have ended this experiment of having our own private network

Our own private network? Why yes! What this means: we own it, we control it, it's free, no snooping, and no advertising, while  enabling anyone to participate, contribute, initiate or engage without having to check calendars, attend meetings etc. It is yet another way to share our hopes, ideas, courses, discussions and stay informed.

One-time (free!) email registration is required for this to work and it can work on all your mobile devices (notifications and messaging available) if you want to download the Mighty Networks app, available for both iOS and Android.

Among the more practical tools that this offers:

  • We've got polls, prompts, posts, and questions that can bring more people into conversation.
  • We've got Topics to organize our activity, Search to find what we're looking for, and Save Post for you to quickly come back to your favorites.
  • You can send quick direct messages. You can also post and have threaded conversations.
  • We can organize virtual sessions (zoom integration!) and events.
  • We can keep conversations and messaging going before, during, and after our events, and allow anyone to get informed easily when joining at a later time.

It is (no longer) here: