Community Conversations becomes One Hillsborough

Community Conversations has grown. A name change and a broader mission was in order after four years.

Looking back to the Summer of 2018, wonderfully long breakfasts with some fellow citizens and friends started the first iteration of Community Conversations. While living in Hillsborough had some definite positives, we noticed certain things could –and maybe should– be improved upon so that more people could find a sense of belonging: to feel connection with others, to contribute to our common good, and to realize we are all part of a common thread. We felt there was room in our town to create a space for more people to get to know more people and possibly provide opportunities and events to interact, learn, strengthen and/or build new relationships.

cc_lights_489x489_circle.pngNow, four years and many events and efforts later, Community Conversations has organically grown into an even more diverse cross-cultural community of about 75-100 citizens. Neighbors, students, teachers, groups, and organizations have found benefit in working together where possible, and cross supporting the various events and initiatives that make civic Hillsborough what it is today.

And after some in-depth consultation in our larger and more diverse group last Summer, we decided to adopt One Hillsborough as new name to better reflect our somewhat expanded goals and intentions. Renewing our commitment to strengthening the social fabric, our goals can now expand to more specific goals:

  1. To promote social and cultural diversity by addressing bias based on age, race, ethnicity, age, gender, ability, religion, or political affiliation:
  • to provide an informal mechanism to resolve unresolving complaints
  • to advocate for and with the under-represented and marginalized
  • to support education about bias, othering, racism, diversity, equity, and inclusion
  1. To initiate and support constructive dialogue within the township on equity, diversity, and inclusion:
  • to support education programs that foster open and effective dialogues
  • to promote and protect civil rights
  • to explore our common spiritual connections across our community
  1. To advise the Hillsborough Township Committee, and/or local police and municipal departments to address tensions in the community and to ensure employees, residents and visitors of all backgrounds and circumstances are safe, welcome, respected, and treated in an equitable manner.

Reflecting our increasingly diverse town, One Hillsborough supports many community dialogues and collaborates with all local community services providers, groups, and organizations to facilitate access and opportunity for all, particularly to those from underrepresented and unheard groups, without any boundaries of race, ethnicity, age, gender, religion, or political affiliation to enhance Hillsborough’s reputation of one of “the best places to live” for everyone.